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Featuring :

Norm Salt : Guitar

Steve (Styme) Smith : Guitar

John Krizan : Bass Guitar

Dan Chase : Drums

Tommy Harris : Vocals & Production







Here is another version of Headtrip that I submitted to 94.1 WJJO for their local show with rock journalist/ Susan Masino.

It was on air 4-18-99 and the band had broken up that previous October of 1998 this was my attempt to also get new musicians.

I sent in a variety of music and they picked the heaviest song out of the bunch which I was very happy about....

It was proof to me that we were on to something that would have been big.

If only I could have kept our frustrations down so we could have

worked out our differences who knows what could have happened.

It also was the beginning of the Tommy Harris and Company.....

Then later dropped the "and" to what I have today as the"Tommy Harris Company"


Headtrip 4-18-99


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